Saturday, March 15, 2008

Two (OK, three) quick things

First, it was my roommate's birthday a couple days ago, so a bunch of his friends from his hometown came over tonight to celebrate. In fact we are all in the living room right now as I write this. My roommate (who is now 24) returned to church activity about 18 months ago and is currently preparing to serve a mission. He has a very strong testimony of the gospel and an unnatural amount of love and concern for others. To sum it up, he will make a great missionary.

Anyway, in the course of the night's discussions, the topic of the MTC and showering naked in front of the other missionaries came up. Apparently, the showers have since been remodeled so that everyone showers privately. And the reason given for why they were remodeled? Of course, it was one of my favorite statistics: 2% of missionaries come home gay. I laughed out loud. Only 2%? And even more ridiculous, do people honestly think that people leave straight and come home gay? I would venture to guess that nobody "turns gay" from showering with other guys. I personally am more attracted to men with their clothes on, and definitely had a companion whose body could almost turn someone straight. Although I had not come to accept my sexuality before, during, or even immediately after my mission, I definitely did not come home any more straight or gay than I was when I left. Anyway, I didn't really think much of the comment, and I don't think that very many people actually take this "statistic" seriously, but I still wanted to comment on it. But who knows, maybe my fantastic body turned some confused, unsuspecting Elder into a homosexual while I was in the MTC (please note the sarcasm).

On another note, I almost came out to my roommates on Thursday night when we went out to for said roommate's birthday. All of us are currently single and so we decided to go to dinner and celebrate (Yes I have wondered if both of them are gay, especially since there are more apparent gay indicators present in their lives than mine. In fact I think more people suspect them of being gay than they do me). Of course the conversation at dinner revolved around girls in the ward and dating. We have all had girlfriends during our 6 months together but all of us seem to have difficulties turning that into anything serious. As they talked about the girls in the ward that they think would be perfect for me, I was so close to just coming out and explaining my lack of motivation in the heterosexual dating world. But I figured my roommate's birthday dinner was not the most tactful place, and ultimately decided it was not the best time or place. Sometime soon though.

Last, I have noticed with many gay Mormon blogs that there exists a certain level of anonymity (and understandably so) when writing. Well, I initially started my blog, not intending to share it with anyone, but a few people wandered upon it. After I came out as a gay Mormon, I was thinking of how open I wanted to be online, when I remembered that my blog's URL kind of does away with any sort of anonymity that I ever intended to utilize. Oh well, I guess I'm over it.


Original Mohomie said...

I just spent a few moments catching up on your blog, after following the link from the comment you left on mine. Thanks for the feedback, by the way.

I don't spend much time reading blogs lately; I mostly just write when something's on my mind, but I found your words and thoughts very familiar, so I kept reading. Sounds like you're making some significant decisions and steps lately. There are so many people in very similar situations, and many more who have been there. I'm sure you can see that from your blog surfing.

Do remember that certain kinds of personalities tend to blog, so there are many more people who are just quietly living. Your path is up to you to figure out--you needn't fear your future being what every other blogger's life is. But you most likely already have that in mind.

Thanks again!

Abelard Enigma said...

I would venture to guess that nobody "turns gay" from showering with other guys.

I am similarly amused whenever we talk about a road show, or Halloween party, or any event that might involve wearing costumes. They always seem to make a special point of saying that it is inappropriate for boys to wear girls clothing - do they seriously believe that putting a dress on a boy is going to turn him gay?

I just found your blog - welcome to the Mormon queerosphere. I added a link to your blog from ine, I hope you don't mind.

Max Power said...


I just chatted with Seth and we were thinking it would be fun to get together for dinner tomorrow night. You available? Send me an email:

drumjerk 'at'